Claims Questions

To learn more about the claims process please see the information below. If you still have questions call 888.888.2519 or email [email protected].

Premium Saver Claims Information

Let the Provider file the claim. This is the easiest and best way to receive benefits.

MWG will send insurance cardholders for each employee. All the insured has to do is put their Major Medical and Premium Saver insurance cards in the cardholder and hand the cardholder to the provider. Most providers will file the claim on behalf of the policyholder because the benefits are paid directly to the provider. Guidelines and a claims assistance phone number are printed on the cardholder. On the back of the group application, MWG requests a list of the providers the group expects to use. MWG Administrators will send a letter to each provider explaining how to file claims.

Note: If the insured files the Premium Saver claim they should follow the steps below.
  • File the claim against the major medical carrier.
  • The major medical carrier will provide the insured with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits), which will explain the amount applied to their deductible and coinsurance.
  • The insured should ask the doctor or hospital to provide them with an itemized bill, which will explain the medical provider’s charges.
  • Send the EOB and the itemized bill from the medical provider to MWG Administrators.