About Monitor Life

For over 10 years Monitor Life has stood strong, stable and secure in both good and difficult economic times, ready to meet the needs of its policyholders. Monitor Life continues to make outstanding strides in the supplemental market and has increased market share year after year. We are excited about what our future holds and look forward to continuing to serve our policy holders with superior customer service.

Monitor Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of AmFirst Insurance Company, as shown here in this organizational chart.

Corporate Vision

Monitor Life is committed to providing our customers, brokers, and business partners with innovative insurance products and creative ideas backed by superior personal service and cutting edge technology, which together allow us to provide valuable and affordable healthcare solutions for everyone.

Honesty, integrity, optimism, and politeness will form the basis of our dealings with our clients, brokers, staff, and business partners. We have a long-term commitment to this mission and it will not be changed unless it can be improved.

Please see the Company News section for press-releases and important announcements.

The Financial Highlights section includes company financial data since 2006.


Monitor Life is a proud member of the AmFirst Holdings Group.